Inspirational trip.

“In a ball of yarn is the potential to make a dream that you have come true.” – Melanie Falick
We came back from our vacation a 
week ago from California .
It was a very inspiring 2 week road 
trip with my family.
We saw so many inspirational places
and people: like Grand canyon in 
Arizona, Las Vegas NV, Hoover Dam in
Nevada, Los Angeles CA, Santa Monica 
beach and many more places. 
And now I kind of miss the beach and 
This trip inspired me to do couple 
of projects and list them on my Etsy 
check them out and comment here.


Milani oil-infused Lip Treatment — LMTP Journey

Using Milani’s oil-infused lip treatments got me thinking- what is it that makes these something people buy? It has three oils- jojoba, avocado, and tsubaki. Great! I know I can find a bottle of jojoba oil at Whole Food, not sure of the other two. But it makes me wonder… $6-8+ spending on a oil-infused […]

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